Asuto MANO sculptor / designer

My website is mainly written only in Japanese so far.

You can see my carving in
MANOWORKS Sculptor -Tumblr Photo album
MANOWORKS facebook page
with english description.
MANOWORKS facebook page includes information of carving class and ‘traveling carving workshop’.
You can see some movies of Asuto MANO at work.
-Youtube channel:
-USTREAM broadcasting :

Small piece of work can be ordered and shipped abroad.
(ex. about $100-$200 for a small amulet, include shipping cost to US or Canada.)

About Asuto MANO
Born in 1975
After worked as a web designer for 3 years.
Trained carving as the first pupil of Buddhist sculptor(Busshi) Fukui Shomyo for over 10years, until the end of 2010.
Aikido 3rd dan black belt.

ZIP 463-0072
2-92 Kanaya, Moriyama-ku, Nagoya , Japan